NACHES TRIO                 Praha - Berlin
Naches Trio +49/30/659 41 698 (D) +420 731 379 129 (CZ)


 Tereza Rejšková  (violin)

Tereza Rejšková has played the violin since the age of five. She had already started to be interested in Jewish music as a nine-year old child when she became a member of the Prague-based Jewish choir Mišpacha and of the instrumental group Prague Klezmerim. For over 20 years she has played and sang at many concerts and festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to the Yiddish Summer Weimar she learned many new things about the nuances of the klezmer style and she met Jeannine and Jonathan Jura with whom she founded the Naches Trio in 2012. She is also enthusiastic about classical chamber music.  



Jonathan Jura (piano)

Jonathan Jura started to play the piano at the age of seven. Having graduated from the Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach Gymnasium, a Berlin-based music school where he studied piano and composition, he continued with his piano studies at the Hanns Eisler School of Music in Berlin. He is active in a number of ensembles and teaches at the Musikkabinett ANIMATO music school which he himself founded. He accompanies the world-renowned Hellersdorfer Jugendchor choir on the piano at many concerts and competitions in Germany and abroad. He focuses intensively on his development as a classical pianist as well as a klezmer musician. The latter interest is strongly supported by his participation at workshops led by Alan Bern and others at Yiddish Summer Weimar. 


 Jeannine Jura  

(clarinet, bass clarinet, recorder)

Since her studies at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, Jeannine Jura has been involved in a wide range of, often interdisciplinary, projects and ensembles active in experimental theatre, improvisation and dance. Since 1997 she has played in Duo Espressivo together with her husband Jonathan. Her long-lasting interest in the folk music of Eastern Europe and klezmer music has been further intensified through her participation in Yiddish Summer Weimar courses where she has had the opportunity to meet inspirational artists from around the world